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Quotes & Verses


Easier said than done.

No matter what goals you've set for yourself,


As a notorious procrastinator, this had to become my motto, and still is, as I write my first book. If not, I wouldn't be pas the sixth chapter. 

This is SO good!

That is mind-blowing to me!

Jesus came as a servant! It's the very reason He was rejected as the Savior His own people were looking for.

They wanted a conquering King, but in humbleness,

He came to die.

It's hard, but we all need time away from the "crazy" in our lives. Be sure to take time to let God in and reflect on Him.

Writing is something that makes you take a deep dive into your emotions and experiences, at times, to be able to convey those same emotions in your characters, on the page. 


It has made me reflect on when and how I have (or have not) listened to God's 'voice' during the big and small moments in my life.

Saying the words "I love you" means something . . . but dying for someone puts power behind those words. 

Jesus doesn't just tell us He loves us and expect us to take Him at His word. He died a gruesome death for us to demonstrate His love.

Fears. We all have them, or have had them at one point. The reason for some fears is obvious due to danger or safety. Our reaction to those situations is God-given and life-saving.

Others may seem small or trivial to those around us, but are born from deep within us and cause physical reactions.

How do we overcome them? Can we do it alone?

If we could wrap ourselves in this verse and truly live it, God can cast out those fears, but it takes trust to release them to Him.

The greatest of the three is listed last. Why?

I think, because without FAITH in Jesus and belief in the HOPE He promises for eternity with Him for anyone who does believe . . . we will never experience the true depths of His love for us.

Trust and Faith is a theme in my book. Most of the time we are the ones standing in our own way to experiencing true love, because we refuse to have Faith and Hope in something we can't see or touch.

As a writer, I am always reminding myself to work toward progress, even if I don't feel that what I write is perfect.

The goal is to 'Shoot for the stars,' so you have a chance to 'hit the moon.'

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