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My Journey


During a writer's conference webinar, I heard something that I couldn't quite bring myself to believe. The speaker said, "You are more interesting than you think." It took me a few minutes to process that and I still don't know if I fully realize the truth in that statement.

We are more interesting than we think


I have done interesting things . . .

my family is interested in what I'm doing . . .

but as far as the 'world' goes,

it doesn't seem likely that other people would be interested in me.

But . . . here you are.

Thank you! 


I am working to tell interesting stories and there is a lot that goes on in my head that I don't share with many people, even my own family.


If you've ever heard of the Strengthsfinder through Gallup,

you'll be familiar with your five top strengths. Mine are;







So basically, I'm a competitive, life-long, day-dreamer.

Works for me!

With all that said, you may be getting a glimpse of why I'm writing a book (and hopefully more in the future). I live in my head and was seeking an avenue to get some of the thoughts, ideas and stories on paper, relieving some of the pressure, before my head exploded.

My life has been full of many things including my husband and our family of four kids, their spouses and many grandchildren (don't think we've hit the final count yet). Because I crave challenge, I have dipped my toe into photography, graphic design, and lots of crafts.


Anything I was interested in, but didn't have the money to pursue doing myself, I read books on.


There are more secrets to share with you, but for now, I am just thankful you are here.

I would love for you to go on this journey with me.

I hope you will sign up for my newsletter.

It will be monthly at this point because, really . . .

there can't be that much interesting stuff for me to tell you about myself.


~See you between the pages~


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