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My Books

My first book is currently available for pre-order! 

Order your copy now so it will be delivered to your Kindle or mailed to you on 

May 18th

This is my birthday, so I thought it would be a great day for a first novel book release!

Love's Perfect Design

Competing for a position at a prestigious architectural firm could change the course of Brynnlee Taylor's life. Ambition and need have driven her to rise above her circumstances and Brynnlee is determined to leave 'small town' behind. Talent may win her the position, but her crippling fear could spell the end of her career. More than that, she's finding it impossible to resist her mysterious fellow competitor.


Dylan's place in the world is set, but he's got a different agenda. The world of corporate theft and greed has pulled him into a web of lies.  Using Brynnlee may be just what he needs to finish the job. Loyalty silences him. Deception prevents him from being honest with the first woman he's ever truly cared about.


Is Dylan the key to Brynnlee's success or is he using her as a pawn in his own corporate game? 

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