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Blue Skies, Blue Eyes

by Cali Black

If you are a fan of "Cowboy" romances, then here's your next Sweet read. 

There are moments in life that you don't even know are life-changing when they happen.


Meeting Carrie was that moment for Clay. For twenty years he carried her in his heart. What woman doesn't want that? But despair and loss erased that moment for Carrie.

When faced with betrayal, she falls into the same pattern she witnessed her entire life . . . shutting down and running from the pain.


In Blue Skies, Blue Eyes, Cali Black tells a story of heartache, loss, discovery and forgiveness that we can all relate to and learn from. True love comes with bumps and bruises and experiencing how Carrie and Clay navigate those, took me through the gamut of emotions. 


This is a moving story that leaves you with hope and a wonderfully happy ending.

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