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  • What do you recommend to new writers?
    As a new writer myself, I'm just learning the ropes also. One thing I will say, is to research writing. I've given short reviews to several of the books I've used in my own journey to writing, editing and promoting my book. Check them out on my Facebook or Instagram pages. These were very helpful for guidance and direction. Also, have a thick skin. You will make mistakes and there will be so many things that do not go as expected or are just plain wrong. Work through them. It's worth it to reach the goals you've set for yourself.
  • When will your next book be released?
    Glad you asked! I had a goal to release my first book on my birthday, May 18, 2023 and was able to accomplish it. I learned so much and now have a better idea of what goes into the full process. After saying that, you'd think I'd have a solid date in mind for my next book, right? Sorry! I plan on announcing a release date after I have completed the first draft and a round of edits. Then I will be able to predict the timeline more accurately. You can be sure, I'll be shooting for something before the end of 2023. I know many of you are anxious to know what happens next in the Perfect Love Series! Stick around. I think you're going to like it!
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